Treatment Items

Fatless Mattress

Fatless Mattress

Heat mat for sweating
Gives oxygen to every corner of the cell and improves metabolic function!

A mat that incorporates germanium, tourmaline, and a special ceramic with excellent heat storage and heat retention. It effectively raises core body temperature in a short time and has the effect of promoting blood flow throughout the body and increasing metabolism just by sleeping.

Fatless Mattress benefits

❶ Make thick blood thin
The synergistic effect of germanium and tourmaline promotes the flow of stagnant blood. When blood flows to the capillaries of the whole body, oxygen is delivered to cells in the body and metabolism increases.
❷ Synergy with Rejuvenation Water
Drinking Rejuvenation Water maximizes the benefits of a Fatless Mattress. The effects of promoting metabolism, excreting waste products, and sweating are higher than usual, and the burning power of fat cells is also increased.
❸ Increase HSP for cell regeneration!
HSP (Heat Shock Protein), which is generated when the body temperature rises above 38.5 °C (101.3°F), can be efficiently produced in large quantities. A mat designed to increase secretion of growth hormone and delay aging.
Treatment on Fatless Mattress

The above photo shows the results of storing and observing a tomato placed on a mat for 40 minutes at a time and a tomato that has not been used for about 50 days at a room temperature of 24 ° C(75.2°F).

Experimental results of heat shock protein using tomato

When put into Fatless Mattress for 40 minutes, HSPs are created in the tomatoes and have the effect of slowing down the tomato's ripenning. HSP plays a role in stopping the deterioration of tomato cells and maintaining normality. Plants have a small amount of protein in their cells, but the differences are so different. Animals make up about 20% of their bodies from protein. This experiment shows how important heat shock protein is to keep youth, beauty and health.

99% electromagnetic wave cut safety design

A heater with a detection line with a safety sensor embedded inside is used. It is a safety design that detects abnormal temperature rise and disconnection, and shuts off power in the event of an abnormality.In addition, the processing of electromagnetic wave reduction inside the heater wire cuts out the anxious electromagnetic waves! It does not damage the cells.