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Eau de toilette
Suggested retail price 4,000 JPY
A phantom eau de toilette that is currently difficult to obtain, made from rose oil "JunamⅡ"

The phantom eau de toilette “JunamII” made from rose oil, which is currently difficult to obtain, is positioned as the fragrance of the rejuvenation system and will be incorporated into our products as well as the treatment space. In the future, we will disseminate the branding both domestically and overseas.

Rose oil effect

❶ Improves blood flow and is effective for organs such as the liver
It reduces blood triglycerides and bad cholesterol, improves blood flow and improves metabolism. It exerts various effects such as activation of cranial nerves, prevention of Alzheimer's disease and diet.
❷Acts nice for women
Relieves menstrual pain, regulates the menstrual cycle, and relieves climacteric symptoms, has the effect of increasing femininity.
❸Prevent skin problems
Ingesting rose oil cleans the intestines and prepares the skin. Rose oil secreted from the sebaceous glands has a bactericidal effect on the skin.
❹Improves autonomic nervous system and hormone balance with rose scent

A fragrance made from persian damask rose

Persia (Iran) is said to be the origin of ancient roses. It is a country with a history and tradition that first developed "distillation technology" and produced rose essential oil (essence) and rose water. Situated slightly southwest of Iran's capital, Tehran, the Kashan region is well-suited for producing Damascus rose, which is ideal for producing rose spices. Forty days from late May, rose flowers are picked at the time of sunrise when the morning dew is dripping, and within that day, the essential oil of roses (essence) and rose water are made using the same distillation method as before. It is known as a very expensive and precious essential oil because it takes about 3,000 roses to extract 1mL of rose essential oil.

Directed by Farsad Darvish
Scent produced by Yu Darvish

Farsad Darvish, a leading figure in the spread of Persian culture, traditions and handmade crafts in Japan, opened the Darvish Gallery in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. The Persian word "Junam" used for perfume and Darvish gallery brands translates directly into "Dear you", A loving expression for lovers, loved ones, and family is included, and it should be "Dear, you love". The two roses in the perfume bottle design are written in Persian Junam while "Adam and Eve" gently face each other. The eau de toilette of Junam, which gives peace and security, is a hearty gem that my son thought of his father's homeland and was involved in development at the beginning of production. Thanks to Rejuvenation's pursuit of true health and beauty, we have achieved a wonderful collaboration with Darvish Gallery.