Milagro AG

Active DHA
Suggested retail price 12,000 JPY
Increase growth hormone secretion and pursue ultimate rejuvenation

As a result of our continued pursuit of ultimate rejuvenation, we have arrived at a miraculous supplement. We want you to always shine in your own health. MilagroAG aims to unwind aging physical changes. Beauty forever.

Expect various troubles due to the synergistic effect of the two main components

❶ Makes blood smooth and increases basal metabolism
It reduces blood triglycerides and bad cholesterol, improves blood flow and improves metabolism. It exerts various effects such as activation of cranial nerves, prevention of Alzheimer's disease and diet.
❷ Effective for eye trouble
It can be expected for glaucoma, cataract, dry eye, eye floater, and age-related macular degeneration. It protects eyes from blue light (computer, smartphone).
❸ Strengthens antioxidants in the body and reduces active oxygen
Activates the intracellular antioxidant protection system and increases glutathione production up to 300%.
❹ Changes white adipocytes to be Beige adipocytes
Increase fat-burning Beige adipocyte and promote fat burning.

Main ingredients

Argatorium DHA
Argatrium DHA (Active type, Omega-3)
DHA concentrated fish oil from tuna. It has higher antioxidant capacity than DHA of blue fish. It makes the blood smooth and enhances basal metabolism.
Lutein Zeaxanthin
A type of carotenoid often found in green and yellow vegetables. It is a component originally present in the lens and macula of the eye. It protects the retina from external stimuli such as ultraviolet rays, and is effective for eye problems such as cataracts and eye floater.
It is an ingredient extracted from phospholipids (soy lecithin) contained in soy. It is a biological component related to growth hormone necessary for body growth and vital activity. It normalizes nerve transmission and is effective for improving liver dysfunction and hangover.