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Reju Bohr

Reju Bohr

Bath bomb
Suggested retail price 3,000 JPY
Blissful bathing time wrapped in serum

The most important thing in beauty is to keep yourself healthy. This product has been developed in consideration of health care (home care) that can be performed in daily life for your health. Let's be beautiful from inside the body with a blissful bathing time wrapped in serum.

Features of Reju Bohr

❶ Skin and whitening effect
The synergistic effect of germanium and tourmaline promotes the flow of stagnant blood. When blood flow improves to the capillaries throughout the body, oxygen is delivered to cells in the body and metabolism increases.
❷ Improves cold sensitivity by keeping warm after bathing
It delivers oxygen to the terminal capillaries (Bohr effect) and promotes blood circulation.
❸ Metabolic up with three synergistic effects
Supports rejuvenation from inside the body with the synergistic effect of carbonated spring + alkaline spring + germanium spring. It improves shoulder stiffness and fatigue and has a detox effect.
Reju Bohr
Reju Bohr

Main ingredients

Sodium bicarbonate
Alkaline spring effect. It is a beauty effect that smoothes the skin, recovers from fatigue, increases physical strength after illness, and is effective against trauma and skin diseases.
Citric acid
Reacts with sodium bicarbonate to form a carbonated spring. Carbonated springs are effective in promoting blood circulation, heart disease, high blood pressure, rheumatism, and chilliness.
Vitamin C derivative
Compared to normal vitamin C, it easily penetrates the skin and exhibits effective skin and whitening effects efficiently.
Sodium chloride
Promotes sweating and has a detox effect. Long bathing is possible because the sweat glands are not soaked.
It has blood smooth and blood circulation promoting effect. Encourages turnover and keeps skin healthy.

Comparison of body temperature after bathing

This image compares the temperature change every 10 minutes before bathing, 20 minutes after bathing, and after going up. The upper row is a photo of the person who entered Reju Bohr. The lower row is a picture of a person who took a bath with nothing. You can see the difference in temperature change after bathing. As it keeps warm after bathing, it is effective for cold sensitity! It can remove dirt from pores by perspiration, and it has a beautiful skin effect.

Reju Bohr comparison