Treatment Items

Reju Care

Reju Care

Massage gel
Detox gel that can extract excess fat containing waste products

This is the gel for Rejuvenation treatment.

No additives, no coloring, no fragrance, no preservatives, no quality stabilizers, no alcohol.

Skin allergy tested.

Benefits of Reju Care

❶ Fights against obesity
Excrete fat directly from sebaceous glands. It can used to get rid of cellulite.
❷ Rejuvenation
It removes harmful substances that contribute to the aging process.
❸ Improve muscle fatigue
It removes lactic acid, which causes the body to be stiff, and improves muscle formation.
❹ Hygienic treatment
It forces out fat and other harmful substances from the body without getting into the pores of the practitioner's hands or the customer's body.
Reju Care Treatment

Envelops toxins and forces out fat

Detox gel "Reju Care" penetrates into the sebaceous glands, surrounding the fat supplied from the subcutaneous fat, and is then forced out of the body during the treatment. The transparent gel becomes cloudy due to the fat it is forcing out of the body. These waste products contains toxins that are being rejected by the body.

gel before use
gel before use
A cloudy gel that wraps fat
Cloudy gel enveloping fat

Putting the safety of the customer and the practitioner first

The gel envelops fat, becoming cloudy and spherical, which has a surfactant action (lipophilic group). The components of the gel envelop fats and waste materials in a colloid micelle structure, ensuring that it will never be able to enter the pores of the practitioner's hands or the customer's body. Waste products wrapped in a colloid micelle structure cannot enter the body. Unwanted materials that remain in the body are eventually collected in the veins, filtered through the kidneys along with water, and excreted as urine.

Test result about growth of bacteria

We test the growth and death of various bacteria for Reju Care use. There are many bacteria that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The hands of the practitioner also have various germs. Reju Care does not use preservatives or quality stabilizers. Therefore, it is a big problem if and when bacteria and viruses multiply. We make every effort to test bacteria and viruses safely and thoroughly, to deliver safe products.

The table shows the amount of bacteria 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes after attaching each of the bacteria to Reju Care and a thickener of 1㎠. We could confirms that all bacteria decreased and disappeared. On the other hand, some thickeners can increase the number of bacteria, which clearly proves that these thickeners are dangerous for use in body treatments.

Test result about growth of bacteria