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Rejuvenation Water

Rejuvenation Water

Unique treatment drink
Suggested retail price 1 case/60 bottles 96,000 JPY
[1,600 JPY Per bottle]
Inner body cleansing and increase in fat burning power

The components of Rejuvenation Water include essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and ribose required for cell regeneration.

Amazing benefits of Rejuvenation Water

❶ Burn excess fat from internal organs as energy
Reduces peroxide and keeps blood vessels and visceral fat cells healthy. Guides DNA naturally and performs cell regeneration smoothly.
❷ Detoxification of harmful substances such as heavy metals and waste products
Cleaning every corner of the body leads to a resetting that can lead to prevention of various diseases.
❸ Promotes sweating and enhances the treatment effect
As you drink Rejuvenation Water before treatment, it will encourage excretion of oily waste products from the sebaceous glands as sweat.
❹ Synergistic effects when used with supplements
When combined with supplements such as Milagro AG and Re Perfect, effects are maximized.
Rejuvenation Water