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Scalp Renaissance

Scalp Renaissance

Scalp massage gel
Suggested retail price 5,000 JPY
Scalp care for revitalised hair

Scalp Renaissance is a scalp massage gel. The scalp, unlike other parts of the skin, has many sebaceous glands, therefore scalp massage has a very high detoxifying effect.

Benefit of Scalp Renaissance

❶ Improves scalp blood circulation
When the gel penetrates into the scalp, it loosens and relaxes the area, much-improving blood flow, with a red, congested scalp returning to a natural more pale, transparent state.
❷ Pores in the scalp allow excretion
Once it has penetrated into pores, forcing out the gel allows the body to excrete accumulated harmful substances together with the gel as waste product, making it possible to re-open clogged pores.
❸ Gives scalp and hair firmness and elasticity
It keeps the scalp and the tips of the hair healthy and improves a sagging face.
❹ Hygienic treatment
It forces rejection of fat and harmful substances from the body without getting into the pores of the practitioner's hands or into the customer's body.
Scalp Renaissance Treatment

How hair grows

Hair growth originates from hair papilla in the pore. The capillaries that carry nutrients to the dermal papilla are thinner than the hair, allowing only one red blood cell at a time to pass through. When blood circulation to these capillaries worsens due to blockage, nutrient supply become insufficient, causing thinning hair and making the hair dull. In addition, oxidized sebum, shampoo, or coating agents contained in rinses, can clog pores and impair blood circulation.

how hair grows

Care for the scalp and make it beautiful hair

This picture shows that the scalp is inflamed, dry and wrinkled. Surfactants contained in shampoos can penetrate the skin and tatter the tissue. The hair that grows from the scalp is also thin, affecting cuticles on the hair surface. If you stop using shampoo and continue to take care with the scalp renaissance, the scalp will regenerate and become more fresh and transparent, your hair will be thicker and firmer, your cuticle will recover, and a natural gloss will appear.