Eau de toilette

A phantom eau de toilette made from rose oil. A rare scent that is now difficult to obtain because about 3000 roses are required to extract 1 mL of essential oil.

Contents: 30 mL

Suggested Retail Price: 4,400 yen(tax included)

《 feature 》

◉Historical folk remedies

Since ancient Egypt, rose oil has been regarded as a versatile drug and has been used for various treatments due to its medicinal properties.

◉Happy action for women

In ancient Roman times, it is said to have been used to manage gynecological symptoms, such as relieving menstrual pain, adjusting the menstrual cycle, and relieving menopausal symptoms.

Junum2 woman

《 A scent made from Damask roses in Persia, the land of roses 》

Persia (Iran) is said to be the origin of ancient roses. It is also a country with a history and tradition of first developing "distillation technology" and producing rose essential oil (essence) and rose water. The Kashan region, located slightly southwest of Tehran, the capital of Iran, is very suitable for the production of "Damask rose", which is ideal for producing rose fragrances. For 40 days from the end of May, rose flowers are picked at the time of sunrise when the morning dew drips, and within that day, rose essential oil (essence) and rose water are made using the same distillation pot as before. It is known as a very expensive and valuable essential oil because about 3,000 roses are required to take out 1 mL of rose essential oil.

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