Reju Bohr

Bath additive

Reju Bohr
The most important thing in beauty is to keep yourself healthy. This product has been developed with health care (home care) that can be done in daily life in mind for the health of everyone. Let's beautify your body with a blissful bathing time wrapped in beauty essence.

Contents: 1 piece

Suggested Retail Price: 3,300 yen(tax included)

《 feature 》

Sodium bicarbonate

The effect of alkaline springs. It has a beauty effect that smoothes the skin, recovers from fatigue, strengthens physical strength after illness, and is effective for trauma and skin diseases.

citric acid

It reacts with sodium bicarbonate to create a carbonated spring. Carbonated springs are said to be effective in promoting blood circulation, heart disease, high blood pressure, rheumatism, and poor circulation.

Vitamin C derivatives

Compared to pure Vitamin C, it easily penetrates into the skin and efficiently exerts skin-whitening effects.

Sodium chloride

It has a sweating promotion and detoxification effect. Since the sweat glands do not swell, you can take a bath for a long time.


It is said to have a smooth blood circulation and blood circulation promoting effect.