Chaga tea

チャーガ茶 RETHÉ

Safe and secure additive-free Chaga tea that is particular about quality. The active ingredients are thoroughly extracted using our unique manufacturing method and patented technology. Safety inspections have been carried out for all lots.

Contents: 2 g x 30 packs

Suggested Retail Price: 4,644 yen(tax included)


《 feature 》

◉ Chaga tea RETHÉ's commitment to safety and security (thorough analytical inspection)

Since it is taken every day, Rejuvenation is particular about the safety of the product and promises to sell only the product whose safety has been confirmed by the inspection at the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

◉ Inspection based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Since RETHÉ is drunk as tea, the standard value is applied based on the materials of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "Tea is manufactured, processed, and the standard value of drinking water is applied in the state of drinking." Specifically, the acceptance standard value is 10 becquerels or less per kg, which is the standard for drinking water.


◉ "Radioactive material test results", "Inspection of 450 kinds of pesticides" and "Heavy metal inspection"

Chaga grows naturally on birch trees and grows over 10 to 20 years. Due to unpredictable accidents at Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power plants over many years, pollution such as PM2.5 due to environmental problems, the possibility of containing invisible harmful substances, and storage after harvesting There is a danger that it may be harmful to your body, such as chemicals. Because it is a natural product, we carry out 450 types of pesticide inspections, radioactive substance detection inspections and heavy metal inspections for each production.

◉ Pursuit of quality of Chaga tea RETHÉ

The feature of RETHÉ is the special manufacturing method using the patented manufacturing method, which ensures the usefulness of Chaga and is 100% additive-free for safety and security. According to the inspection results of the Japan Food Research Laboratories, RETHÉ has obtained a result of 41,000 units / g. This value is as low as 900 units / g to 1,000 units / g in ordinary chaga increments, and it is only possible to reach a high concentration value by powdering while adding special processing. In addition, we succeeded in obtaining very good results in another usefulness test by the originality method. RETHÉ's commitment is to research materials and repeat inspections to manufacture products of reliable quality.


◉ Use cell wall destruction powder

The β-D-glucan contained in Chaga has a structure of a polymer in which many sugars are connected like a chain, so it has the property of being difficult to dissolve in water even when boiled. By crushing the cell wall to a high density below the cell size and making it into a powder by a special processing technique called cell destruction, various nutritional components such as β-D-glucan are completely dissolved in water, and Chaga's You can enjoy the grace.

Before cell wall destruction
Cell wall destruction
Cell wall destruction