A treatment that returns each body part to its natural position

What is Re-Sylphic-Style?

The body line breaks down every year due to lifestyle habits. By returning the position of each part of the body to the natural position where it should be, the body's circulatory function will recover.It is a treatment that stimulates the motor nerves to achieve beautiful, elegant and dynamic body makeup. It is a treatment for motor nerves, bones, muscles and vascular system.

essence of Re-Sylphic-Style
Bones and joints extend
Excretion of
Modeling of
body line

Re-Sylphic-Style Treatment Flow

1The ideal body line

"sylph" means a slender and elegant woman. We believe that a healthy and attractive woman's condition is not just skinny, but a sharp body line and a woman's unique curvaceous beauty. We promote motor nerve transmission and achieve beautiful, elegant and dynamic body makeup.

body line
Definition for upper body
  • Long beautiful neck
  • Attractive collarbone and scapula
  • Tight upper arm and thin long fingers
  • Beautiful waistline
Definition for lower body
  • Waist at high position
  • Undistorted bone
  • Rounded hips
  • Long and lean legs

Re-Sylphic-Style Treatment Flow

2 Extend joints to align bones in the correct position

As you get older, your bones become thinner and your joints shrink. When the joints are blocked and the range of motion is reduced, the lymph flow is blocked and fat is more likely to be attached. Therefore, we extend the range of motion of the joints by stretching the contracted joints, return the bones to their original positions, and relax the muscles.

Extend joints to align bones in the correct position
Stretch upper body
Stretch upper body

The impression of the upper body changes greatly depending on how the shoulders are positioned. As the shoulders rise, the neck shrinks and the ribs open, losing the waist. Many people are suffering from stiff shoulders. We learn the bone-muscle relationship correctly and create a beautiful upper body that moves supplely.

Stretch lower body
Stretch lower body

The length and beauty of the legs are greatly influenced by the pelvic protrusion. We consider the legs from the pelvis to make long legs. So the hips are also part of the legs. This makes it possible to change the way you walk. We can make beautiful legs with a lively feeling and no distortion.

Re-Sylphic-Style Treatment Flow

3 Waste excretion by Reju Care

Using a special gel called Reju Care, massage waste products from the sebaceous glands. When the bones return to the correct position, the muscles relax and blood and lymph flow improves. If you use Reju Care in that state, it is possible to massage excess fat and harmful minerals that have accumulated in the body for many years through the sebaceous glands.

treatment for upper body
Treatment for upper body

There are many nervous systems and muscles on the back. From the part where the muscles are stiff, fatigue substances such as lactic acid and uric acid are excreted with bubbles. After removing the waste, the body is surprisingly light and mobile.

treatment for lower body
Treatment for lower body

The lower body, where unwanted things such as swelling and cellulite tend to accumulate, is also a point where many waste products can be put out. Imagine the smooth curvaceousness and we remove the visible unevenness by treatment. All-hand treatments create an exquisite balance.

Re-Sylphic-Style Treatment Flow

4 After counseling to maintain ideal body
knowledge sharing / Notes
Knowledge sharing / Notes

After the treatment, we will always share the points we noticed during the treatment and suggestions for improving your body and share the knowledge with you. Your body shape has been destroyed by many years of life habits.It is important for you to improve the body balance by making improvements little by little while being aware of the daily habits. Rejuvenation System is a treatment that leads to true health and beauty with you.

Home care with supplements
Home care with supplements

By performing care from outside the body with salon treatment and care from the inside with supplements, it is possible to fundamentally improve from the cellular level. Temporarily created beauty will eventually collapse. Easy come easy go. It is necessary to take supplements in order to maintain “true health and beauty” that continues to shine for the future.

To make a beautiful body style, supplements are recommended.

Rexit Bone

Speed bone growth and
increase bone density

Rexit Bone
Rexit Muscle

Awakens the power
hidden in muscles

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