Reju Facial

Rejuvenation treatment
that illuminates personality beauty

What is Reju Facial?

We make the most of each your charms and create unique smiles and beauty. The beautiful expression that shines is expressed by precise transmission of nerves that reflect the mind and delicate muscle movement. The translucent beauty of the skin is achieved by smooth vascular flow. It is a rejuvenation treatment that creates natural beauty.

Essence of Reju Facial
Skin firmness, gloss, Clarity
Small face
Facial expression wealth

Reju Facial Treatment Flow

Activate body fluid circulation
Activate body fluid circulation

Drinking Rejuvenation Water and entering a Fatless Mattress will encourage blood circulation. It also produces large amounts of heat shock protein in the body to regenerate and repair cells.

Make lymph flow
Make lymph flow

Gently flush the upper lymph from the neck.There are about 800 lymph nodes, but about 300 are distributed from the neck up. By improving angulus venosus clogging, we create an environment where blood and lymph flow easily, promote metabolism, and aim to improve various aging phenomena.

Take out the waste
Take out the waste

We use a special gel called Reju Care to remove waste products containing lipid peroxide from the sebaceous glands and carefully relax the muscles. The delicate movements of the muscles, which have sharpened nerve transmission, realize beautiful and shining rich expressions.

Bring out individual beauty
Bring out individual beauty

We will maximize your beauty potential of your skeletal frame. A tight, small face without skin sag and swelling restores your youthfulness. No matter how old you are, the beauty of the natural body will continue.