Scalp Renaissance

Treatment to Release Body Waste Through the Scalp

What is Scalp Renaissance?

Chemicals and other harmful substances are unwittingly allowed into our bodies on a daily basis. It is through the scalp that we are able excrete these the most. Through the scalp’s sebaceous glands Scalp Renaissance removes toxic substances that are dissolved in fats in the body. This treatment gives you a healthy and youthful scalp.

Essence of Scalp Renaissance
Excretion of
Hair and scalp health
of overall health, including

Scalp Renaissance Treatment Flow

Activate body fluid circulation
Activate body fluid circulation

By drinking Rejuvenation Water and using a Fatless Mattress, your body is encouraged to excrete harmful minerals and heavy metals in a way not normally possible in everyday life. This method stimulates the circulation of three body fluids: blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluids, and increases metabolism throughout the body.

Loosens the skull suture
Relaxing the skull sutures

We perform treatment on the complete scalp, relaxing the skull sutures. When the skull relaxes and loosens, breathing naturally increases. Any feeling of stiffness in the body disappears and you can enjoy a deep, more relaxed feeling.

Take out the waste
Removal of body waste

From the scalp’s sebaceous glands, we squeeze out various waste products that have accumulated as sebum. Since the scalp is the most metabolically active part of the body, it can excrete about 50% of all harmful substances in the body. Excretion of a large amount of waste is effective in improving various allergic symptoms.

Reborn to youthful hair
Youthful hair is reborn

This treatment restores scalp health by excreting harmful substances and promoting scalp blood circulation. You will see the results through soft, shining, beautiful hair, and an increasingly healthy scalp. Rejuvenation is possible even for visibly aging hair, such as natural greying and damaged hair.