There is an answer
that leads to true health
and beauty.

Pursuing "true health beauty"
based on scientific and medical knowledge and evidence

Rejuvenation System

Why do people age? Can't we stop aging? Rejuvenation continued to pursue that question and came up with one answer. By washing away excess substances accumulated in the body and resetting the inside of the body to a clean state once, the "excretion power" and "metabolic power" that work to restore the cells to their original healthy state are awakened and the cells are reborn. It will lead to the creation of a healthy and youthful body. This is the answer that Rejuvenation System has arrived at.





Fatless Matress

Reju Facial

Reju Scalp

《 PATORA / MONALI Notice of betrayal and cancellation of contract》

We have learned that the photos posted on the website of PATORA, our contracted agency, use photos provided by our company, and are used and posted in advertisements as if they were the results of treatment that PATORA independently developed. rice field. In addition, it was found that similar acts were being carried out on the website of MONALI Co., Ltd., which shares the same board of directors as Quark Co., Ltd., the operating company of PATORA. .... MORE>

《 Morato Cloak THE METHOD Notice of Betrayal and Termination of Contract》

On the website of Morato Cloak (Solana Beauty Servers Inc.), our contracted agency, we falsified the treatment result photos and "customer feedback" of the Rejuvenation System, making it appear as if it was an independently developed treatment result. (THE METHOD) I found that it was used and posted in advertisements. .... MORE>