Based on the abundant know-how of the rejuvenation system, we support the success of the business of the company.
Please feel free to contact us for product production, certification acquisition support, sales promotion, etc.


About business support

You can state the effectiveness and purpose of your product.

It is not possible to claim the purpose or effect of a product for which evidence cannot be proved by the prize labeling method or the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law.Rejuvenation System is making efforts to create a business structure that can provide satisfaction to customers more safely by developing products with proven evidence, such as registered food with functional claims approved by the Consumer Affairs Agency, quasi-drug cosmetics and controlled therapeutic devices, in order to convey the purpose of use to customers in an easy-to-understand manner. Efforts are being made to develop products with proven evidence, such as food with functional labels registered with the Consumer Affairs Agency, quasi-drug cosmetics and controlled therapeutic devices.

About business support

Brush up the product

We will take on various challenges such as acquiring functional labels that lead to credibility, quasi-drug cosmetics, informed sports certification, and Monde Selection in order to carry out responsive advertising.

Focus on public relations

We promote various rejuvenation brand products every month using media such as famous magazines, trade magazines, TV and radio. In addition, we will raise the name recognition of brands and products by developing plans using athletes and talents, and support sales promotion easily.

About salon support

Conducted training for business partners who handle rejuvenation products.

We provide support to salons that perform rejuvenation treatments.

Rejuvenation technical training and examinations associated with the department are conducted, and a diploma is issued.