Notice about betrayal and contract cancellation

January 27, 2020

We have learned that the photos posted on the website of PATORA, our contracted agency, use photos provided by our company, and are used and posted in advertisements as if they were the results of treatment that PATORA independently developed. rice field. In addition, it was found that similar acts were being carried out on the website of MONALI Co., Ltd., which shares the same board of directors as Quark Co., Ltd., the operating company of PATORA.

Regarding this issue, we recognize that it is an act of mistakenly confusing the treatment by the rejuvenation system that our company taught with PATORA and MONALI, and is a serious act of betrayal. Along with this, we have sent a notice of cancellation of the agency contract and a content certificate demanding correction of the content of the website. We believe that this problem will seriously damage our credibility, so we would like to deal with it strictly.

In addition, there is a risk that salon operators who have a contract with MONALI may be using our treatment result photos without permission without their knowledge. Even if it is used without malice, it will be a problematic act, so please feel free to contact us if you have any idea.

Consultation desk for this matter: 06-6867-9010

Content-certified mail sent on January 24, 2020

Representative Director Hiromi Sato

Misleading Website Expressions

We have saved the website information in advance in order to deal with it strictly in the future. What you will see this time is "evidence" that wrong information was given to the customer (consumer) who visited the salon and made a contract.

Quote from the PATORA website

Photo provided by us.

The above reference materials are part of the pamphlet that our company used before. This is a case where a photo of the result produced by our main product "Fatless Mattress" was proudly posted on the website as a result photo produced by "Monari Mat" developed by PATORA.

Quote from the PATORA website

Quote from the PATORA website

The following is a continuation of the previous page. Again, our company name is not mentioned at all, but the conceptual wording is very similar to the concept of our main brand "Rejuvenation System".

It is very similar to the wording that our company has been using as a brand concept for 20 years.

Quote from the PATORA website

This is the result photo of the contest "Rejuvenation Rejuvenation Contest" held by our company Rejuvenation as the organizer. The contest held by our company is, of course, based on the results of our brand "Rejuvenation System", and salons all over the country compete to determine the superiority or inferiority. This contest has nothing to do with the "miracle slimming method" developed by PATORA, and we believe that the expression is a big misunderstanding for customers.

Quote from the PATORA website

Back view of Rejuvenation / group company staff. Using photos without permission from the person. I haven't posted this comment yet. This is a very malicious example of posting without permission from our company or the person himself/herself.

In this way, the operating company of "PATORA", which continued to deceive many consumers by deceiving the results of our "Rejuvenation System" as if it were a photo of a menu developed by ourselves. I can't forgive Mr. Yuji Ogata, Quark Co., Ltd. I would like to confirm the facts. We are committed to preventing customers from entering into unwanted contracts based on incorrect information.