ダークノアール スカルプローション
In a stressful society, regain the deep breath that the scalp has forgotten. A scalp like a dry and rough earth in the city regains its natural glow like a beautiful oasis in the forest. Carbonated Serum for Scalp and Hair dissolves oxidized sebum that causes clogged pores, moisturizes the scalp and cleanses it. The moderate stimulation of carbonic acid and the uniquely designed herbal ingredients moisturize the dry and hardened scalp and heal the tiredness of the scalp.

Contents: 150 g

Suggested Retail Price: 14,300 yen(tax included)

《 How to use 》

Shake the spray can well until the vibration of the contents changes slightly.

Make a part in your hair and spray the spray along the part so that the carbonic acid foam hits the scalp directly.

Place your hand on top of the foam and slowly press it into your scalp until the popping sound of carbonation disappears.

When the sound disappears, gently massage the scalp around the applied area.

Please enjoy the treatment by repeating it over the entire scalp in order.

*Use after washing and drying the scalp.

*We recommend using it before going to bed, depending on the scalp hair cycle.