Fatless Mattress

Heat mat for sweating

It raises the core body temperature in a short time, and you are ready for the procedure just by sleeping. A mat in which germanium, tourmaline, and a special ceramic with excellent heat storage and heat retention performance are kneaded.

Contents: 1

Suggested Retail Price: 1,320,000 yen(tax included)

《 feature 》

◉ Germanium and tourmaline support

A mat with germanium and tourmaline is effective not only for raising the temperature but also for sweating.

◉ Synergistic effect with Rejuvenation Water

If you drink Rejuvenation Water as a set, it will effectively replenish the body after sweating.

Fatless Mattress Treatment

《Safety design that cuts 99% of electromagnetic waves》

Uses a heater with a detection line that has a safety sensor embedded inside. It is a safety design that detects abnormal temperature rise and disconnection and stops energization in the unlikely event of an abnormality. Furthermore, the inside of the heater wire is processed to reduce electromagnetic waves to cut off the electromagnetic waves of concern! It does not tire cells.