Reju Fresh

mouth wash

A special mouthwash made from rejuvenation water. A mouthwash that lifts away sticky dirt from teeth, interdental spaces, gums, mucous membranes, and tongue, making it easier to clean and clean before brushing with Rejuuosh (toothpaste gel). It is free of fluorine, foaming agents, abrasives, alcohol, colorants, synthetic sweeteners, and can be used with confidence. Use it as a finishing touch after brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth. Keeps your mouth feeling refreshed.

Inner volume: 300mL

《 Instructions 》

Before brushing your teeth, take 2 to 3 pumps into your mouth and carefully swish to make sure it is distributed throughout your mouth, passing through the gaps between your teeth, and penetrating into your periodontal pockets.・Spread the mouthwash evenly and spit it out. Afterwards, use Rejuwash (toothpaste gel) and floss or interdental brushes.