Scalp Renaissance

Scalp massage gel

Scalp Renaissanc3
A massage gel for the scalp that creates a youthful hair impression. Removes clogged pores and excretes harmful substances in the body as waste products. Gives firmness and elasticity to the scalp and hair.

Contents: 150 mL

Suggested Retail Price: 5,500 yen(tax included)

《 feature 》

◉ Scalp treatment

By infiltrating the gel into the scalp and loosening the stiffness, the red and congested scalp returns to a pale and transparent state.

◉ Excretion of clogged pores on the scalp

By exuding the gel that has once penetrated from the pores, the accumulated harmful substances are excreted as waste products together with the gel, so it is possible to remove the clogging of the pores.

◉ Elasticity and elasticity on the scalp and hair

It keeps the scalp and hair tips healthy and improves the sagging of the face.

◉ Hygienic treatment

Waste products* are squeezed out in such a way that they never enter the pores of the practitioner's hands or the customer's body. (* Dirt, sebum, etc.)

Scalp Treatment

《Mechanism of hair growth》

Hair begins to grow from the part called the dermal papilla at the back of the pores. The capillaries that carry nutrients to the dermal papilla are thinner than the hair, and only one red blood cell can pass through. When blood circulation to these capillaries deteriorates, nutrition is insufficient, causing thinning hair and resulting in a rugged, dull hair quality. In addition, oxidized sebum and coating agents contained in shampoo and conditioner may clog the pores, causing poor blood circulation.


《Care for the scalp and make beautiful hair》

In this photo you can see that the scalp is inflamed, dry and wrinkled. Surfactants contained in shampoo penetrate the skin and destroy tissues. The hair that grows from the scalp is also thin, affecting the cuticles on the surface of the hair. If you stop using shampoo and continue to take care with the Skull Renaissance, you will feel fresher and more transparent, your hair will be thicker and firmer, and your cuticle will recover and give you a natural luster.