Rejuvenation Sytem

The rejuvenation system places the highest priority on safety and security.

We value the safety of each ingredient and thoroughly carry out careful safety inspections at a specialized institution.
Planning and manufacturing in-house is also the result of the manufacturer's desire for something that he can feel at ease.

Thorough safety inspection


《 Supplement 》

All health foods are foods with functional claims, and all lots are inspected for safety in accordance with the safety standards of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We thoroughly inspect the safety of pre-manufacturing ingredients even for pre-application products.

Treatment products

《 Treatment products 》

Not limited to quasi-drug products approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, since they are attached to the body, we carry out suppression tests for bacteria and viruses in all products and lots.

Traceability System

Informed Sport

Informed Sport

One of the most difficult supplement certifications is informed sports certification. Informed Sports Certification analyzes supplements, as well as WADA's list of prohibited substances, as well as substances that LGC deems necessary to analyze based on the latest information from time to time. , Informed Sports takes the method of analyzing all manufacturing batches (all lot analysis). All lots of products that have been certified as Informed Sports have been analyzed, so athletes can use the products with greater peace of mind at any time without checking the analysis results. For Japanese products, introduction began in July 2020.

By challenging informed sports certification, Rejuvenation Systems has made great strides by creating compliance to create strict safety in the ingredients and manufacturing of supplements.

Monde Selection

Monde Selection Monde Selection

The Monde Selection is headquartered in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Started in 1961 by the European Community (EC) and the Belgian Ministry of Economy with the aim of improving the quality of sweets. Since then, the target has been expanded to include alcoholic beverages and food products in general, and now it is an authoritative competition where food manufacturers from all over the world exhibit their self-confident works.