Reju Facial

【 reatment that shines individual beauty】

Reju Facial maximizes the charm of each person and creates a unique and shining smile and beauty.
A facial treatment that creates a natural beauty that does not make you feel age.

Skin firmness, luster, and transparency

Tightened small face

Richness of expression

《Flow of Reju facial treatment》

Fluid circulation

Prepare for the procedure by drinking rejuvenation water and entering the fatless mattress. It also produces large amounts of heat shock proteins in the body.


Lymphatic flow

Lymphatic treatment above the neck. There are about 800 lymph nodes, but about 300 are distributed above the neck. By opening the venous angle, it creates an environment where blood and lymph can easily flow.


Get rid of waste

Using a special gel called Rejucare, we knead out waste products and carefully loosen the muscles. Delicate muscle movements with sharpened nerve transmission create a beautiful, radiant and rich facial expression.


Bring out the beauty of individuality

It maximizes the beauty of the skeleton itself that the person has. The toned small face without swelling and tarmi restores the original youthfulness and shines the beauty of the natural body no matter how old you are.