Reju Scalp

[Scalp treatment]

Reju Scalp removes unnecessary substances dissolved in sebum that are
difficult to excrete normally, and achieves a healthy and youthful scalp.

Unwanted substance

Hair and scalp health


《Flow of Skull Renaissance Treatment》


Prepare for the treatment by drinking Rejuvenation Water and entering the Scalp Renaissance. Also, condition your body.


Head care

We will treat the entire scalp with care of the head. When you relax, your breathing will naturally deepen, and you will feel a deep sense of relaxation as your body loses its strength.


Knead out waste products

Rubbing out waste products* from deep within the scalp. The scalp has the most active metabolism in the body, so about 50% of unnecessary substances in the body are gathered. (* Dirt, sebum, etc.)


To youthful hair

Creates beautiful hair that shines from within and a soft, translucent, healthy scalp. Aging care* is possible even for hair that is said to be unable to hide its age. (*Care according to age)